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Accounting Process

Process accounts payable and accounts receivable transactions with efficiency 

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A single invoice can require up to 41 days for processing in a manual paper environment.*

Account process infovisual.

When carried out by your staff, your organization’s accounts payable (AP) and accounts receivable (AR) transactions can be labor intensive and costly, and possibly even lead to mistakes or inaccuracies. With our Accounting Process solution, we can design an AP and AR strategy that best meets your needs and help you reduce processing time, streamline reporting and increase oversight.

Gain the ability to process twice the number of invoices

We provide AP and AR services in a cost-effective manner. 

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Leaving your in-house team to handle all AP and AR services can cost your organization time and dollars. By outsourcing the work to our experts, we're able to process your transactions faster — in fact, accounting departments with an automation tool can process over twice as many invoices as departments that don't use an automation tool. We can also help your finance and accounting teams to seize early payment discounts and improve visibility to cash flow.

You'll also see cost savings and financial gains when we digitize your information, and the conversation you have with other departments. With the right information at your fingertips, you can pay invoices faster and lower costs associated with late, inaccurate, or lost payments.

Reduce your carbon footprint by reducing your paper use 

Take control of the process creating accountability through visibility. 

Our technology and proven process bring efficiency to traditionally cumbersome steps — such as electronic invoice capture, data validation, exception handling and secure delivery.

By digitizing AP and AR transactions, you can help to reduce your team's reliance on manual, paper-based processes that involve time-consuming and labor intensive steps like printing, scanning, faxing, mailing. With our expertise and digital processes, we can streamline and accelerate all of your AP and AR transactions — significantly reducing your print spend while increasing your staff productivity.

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Optimize your financial information

Be better informed about your money.

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With all of the time you spend on the paper trail, you can sometimes miss the big picture of all of that data. We can integrate your AP and AR data into core data systems and workflows, making your financial information available whenever you need it — without having to search through electronic files or physical boxes.

And once all that data is stored and organized, we can help you identify potential opportunities for cost savings and critical financial and operational improvements. The more you know about where your organization’s money is going, the more empowered you are to make smarter financial decisions.

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*Source: Pezza, S., Jan, W.; Aberdeen Group - AP Invoice Management in a Networked Economy (Benchmarking Survey), May, 2012.  Aberdeen Group. From the Shadows to the Forefront AP Automation and the Strategic Vision, 2013.