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More than 65% of U.S. post-secondary institutions use Blackboard learning management systems.*


Enable students and faculty to scan paper documents directly into Blackboard Learn, Google Drive, Canvas and other applications so it can be shared easily and printed anytime. Our Cloud Education solution includes assessment, consulting services, our MFPs (if needed) and cloud storage.

Scan. Share. Print.

Make better, faster use of collaboration tools like Blackboard Learn and Google Drive.


With all the technology tools at our disposal, you'd think it would be easy to manage and share information in the cloud. But multiple steps and pieces of equipment are the norm. For example, to get a schematic drawing into Blackboard Learn, you have to scan it or capture the image with your smartphone, email it to yourself, download the file to a desktop computer and then upload it. Whew!

There's a better way. Our Cloud Education solution allows students and faculty to use Ricoh MFPs to:

  • Scan paper documents directly into Blackboard Learn, Google Drive and Canvas and other cloud-based applications.
  • Print documents with no need for a personal printer, special print drivers or a network connection.

Upload documents in one step

Share information easily by eliminating time-consuming workarounds.

Replace your convoluted document management processes with simple icon controls. Our Cloud Education Package includes scan-to-cloud app connectors that work with our Integrated Cloud Environment (ICE) technology and ICE-compatible MFPs to help you make sure information doesn't go missing.

Here's how it works:

1. Touch the Ricoh Cloud Apps icon on the MFP interface and sign in with your credentials.
Choose a connector (for example, Scan2Learn for Blackboard, or Google Drive, Office 365, etc.).
3. Name the file you want to scan, choose settings and touch
Scan to route your file automatically to the specified account. In Blackboard Learn, you can attach the file to an assignment.
To print, just pick the icon of the connector you choose in Step 2, enter a PIN and select the document.

Blackboard application interface window image.

Keep it cloud-simple

Skip the expense and hassle of additional IT equipment or dedicated servers.


On-premise solutions are costly and they have to be updated and maintained, driving up capital expense. With Cloud Education, you can increase online collaboration and allow students and faculty to focus on learning, all with services that are easy to turn on, add or change — without any added IT infrastructure.

And because cloud "anything" can be confusing, we take a holistic approach that starts with your information management challenges and objectives. After we explore these areas, we'll recommend the best practices for your higher education organization, helping you save time and avoid potentially costly missteps.                                                 

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*Source: Sales presentation: 2012 Campus Computing Project.