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Virtual Reception Services

Enhance your customers' experience

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86% of employees cite lack of collaboration for workplace failures.*

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Make the best first impression on your guests. Whether you can't afford a dedicated receptionist or you're just looking to enhance your current setup, our Virtual Reception Services (VRS) help you:                             

  • Provide a live or dynamic personal welcome to your guests — any place, any time.
  • Track and analyze visitors to your office.
  • Save on operating costs.

Increase customer satisfaction


Use technology to help visitors to your organization get the information they need.

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Sometimes a dedicated receptionist, front-of-office team or another traditional reception service is not in your budget. Maybe you may have a high-traffic reception area that requires more help. Or, you may need to provide services after hours, when your normal receptionist goes home.


By enhancing your reception capabilities, VRS can help you reduce operating costs while still making critical information available to your visitors.


Reduce operating costs


See how VRS can complement existing workflows and help you save.


When guests arrive at your organization, they can connect right away with VRS. Through a kiosk in central reception or a connected call center, they can collaborate remotely with their team or customers. Progress doesn't have to stop while your team is offsite.


With VRS, your guests and customers can:

  • Avoid a backup at the reception desk and help themselves.
  • Check in and connect via audio and video at the touch of a button.
  • Print a visitor badge quickly and easily.
  • Print programs, office maps or other pertinent information.

Increase your level of customer service with affordable virtual reception technology that doesn't require a live individual onsite.

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Track and analyze visits


Use visitor information to improve your visitor experience and boost security.

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VRS allows you to collect and analyze visitor information, make informed staffing decisions and provide the best visitor experience at your organization.

With our fully trackable end-to-end visitor workflow, you can see who's visiting and monitor your peak times, check-ins, check-outs, how long each visitor is in the office and much more to improve your customers' overall experience. With these insights, you can recommend workflows that better suit your needs.

Plus, with this improved visitor monitoring, you can be more prepared for any intruders or disasters in your office.

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*Source: Fierce, Inc. Survey: New Study: 86 Percent Of Employees Cite Lack Of Collaboration For Workplace Failures. 2016.