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Facilities and Workspace Management 

Optimize your office space

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56%                                                         Percentage of American office space that is used.*

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In this new world of work, you most likely have increasing numbers of mobile and remote employees. That means you're probably challenged to not only decrease your square footage, but increase your amount of flexible meeting space. With our Facilities and Workspace Management solutions, we can provide the tools and insights you need to:

  • Better understand how you use your facilities.
  • Make your workspaces more accessible and efficient.
  • Manage your costs.

Make better use of your existing space

Find out how much of your space is actually being used.

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Sometimes, you don't actually need more workspaces — you just need to more effectively use the ones you already have. With our expertise and insight, you’ll find out how to make the most of your current facilities. Maybe certain meeting rooms are underutilized, or others are constantly booked up.

Our unique technology continuously and accurately measures your office environment. You’ll gain real-time insights and trends into how your meeting rooms are used on an hourly, daily or even yearly basis — helping you maximize space and efficiency while minimizing costs.

Avoid meeting room chaos

Ensure that visitors are welcomed and meetings rooms run as they should.

When you're hosting visitors, the last thing you need is a litany of meeting room snafus. With our workplace services, you can rest easy knowing that our experts will keep your day-to-day business on track. We can professionally staff your reception area, greet visitors and give them the information they need to have a successful and productive day in your office.

And once they're inside, our professional facilities management and technology will help you avoid meeting room confusion and double-bookings. We use leading software like iOffice and partner with Condeco, a leader in workplace technologies, to offer responsive, intuitive web platforms that make it easy to:

  • Schedule rooms.
  • Manage and move assets and employees.
  • Send invitations.
  • Request catering.
  • Order collaboration tools.
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Booking made easy

Grab a room from wherever you are.

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You only have so many hours in the day to get the job done, so why spend a lot of time booking rooms? Make conference room chaos a thing of the past with our booking solutions. Our Condeco software, which includes web and email integration, makes it simple to grab a room.

And because your employees spend so much time away from their desks now, our mobile device apps let them send booking requests on the go. Let your team focus on the task at hand — and not on where they're going to do it.

See the status of any room right away

Don't wonder if a room is available.

We’ve all found ourselves in this situation before — we pop into what we think is an open conference room, only to be booted by someone who already has it booked. This all-too-common "meeting room runaround" can delay your meeting and eat up valuable in-person time.

That's why our Facilities & Workspace Management solutions use innovative technology like iOffice® and include touchscreen displays outside of every meeting room. Anyone arriving onsite can quickly and easily see if a room is available. And if it's not, you can find out who booked it and how long it will be occupied — no more meeting room limbo.                                                                                             

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