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Forms Management

Get a free flow of information with digital forms 

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You've made your name working with paper. But in today's new world of work, your hardcopy documents are slow, expensive and unsecure. And even worse, the information contained on them is not readily accessible to those who need them.  With our Forms Management solution, we'll replace your stacks of paper with electronic forms and digital workflows. By turning your unstructured information into structured data you'll save both time and money — and make your valuable information available anytime, anywhere. 

Share information fast

Allow information to flow easily between people and departments.

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Let's say you have one handwritten form that's your only copy of vital business information. What happens if it's misplaced, damaged, or lost? You could lose time, revenue and even customer confidence. And even if you don't lose it, scanning, copying and faxing that single handwritten form is time-consuming.

That's where Forms Management comes in. Our solutions allow your forms to be saved, edited and accessed by the right people when they need it most.

Electronic forms can take your existing workflows and accelerate the flow of information, bringing content to approvers in a few minutes, as opposed to a few days with paper workflows. And electronic signatures allow you to better leverage technology such as laptops and mobile to put information — and the ability to make quick decisions — in your hands.

Eliminate workflow bottlenecks

Automate and expedite workflows involving forms.

The more time you and your staff spend locating, completing and filing paperwork, the less time you have to focus on other important business tasks. And because paper files aren't easily accessible, vital information may not reach the people who need it in a timely manner. Our Forms Management solutions replace your paper with electronic forms and digital workflows to help you increase efficiency:

  • Pre-populate forms with important data in seconds.
  • Integrate e-forms content automatically with your document management system (DMS).
  • Eliminate the scanning / indexing process, with the quick and accurate delivery of information.

You'll even be able to edit information as needed. Make edits on the fly — on screens that look exactly like familiar paper forms — or verify data fields and versions immediately.

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Reduce costs by managing e-information 

Lower operating costs by dealing with less paper. 

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When you're dealing with large amounts of paper, you can expect your operational costs to be higher. Paper, copying, printing and equipment maintenance expenses — as well as the associated labor costs — add up fast. To say nothing of figuring out where you're actually going to put all of those hard copies.

Reduce your paper, reduce your costs:

  • Save on the cost of office space or storage, whether you keep forms on hand or at an offsite facility.
  • Eliminate or reduce expensive preprinted forms.
  • Reduce forms that are wasted when templates change.

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