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Application Administrator Services

 Leave your workflow to us

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78% of IT administrators consider their job stressful. Almost 40% (38%) of IT staff in the U.S. regularly lose sleep due to work pressures.* 


Maximize your software investment with our Application Administrator Services. Let our team of knowledgeable software professionals monitor, troubleshoot and customize your software applications — so you can concentrate on core capabilities —without taxing your existing resources. 

Do more by doing less 

Get expert support for your software and avoid any headaches. 

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To get the right information to the right people, you need the right resources. And when it comes to handling your software, that can be difficult.

Why waste time searching for additional hires just to manage third-party software? Why spend tens or even hundreds of hours on training? Why scramble at the last minute when staff calls in ill or goes on vacation? Why risk asking too much from your third-party IT service provider?

Turn instead to our Application Administrator Services. Nobody knows the software applications in our portfolio better than we do. For a small monthly fee, our knowledgeable experts can manage the complexities of those applications for you.

We offer exceptional support for a wide range of our own and third-party software, including:


  • Streamline NX
  • Device Manager NX
  • Integrated Cloud Environment (ICE)
  • @Remote
  • CAC
  • Global Clariti
  • Supporting Security Solutions
  • Equitrac
  • eCopy
  • HotSpot Enterprise
  • Kofax
  • RightFax
  • Fiery®


Additional third-party applications may qualify. 

Unify with ease 

Manage your software applications from one convenient, powerful point of control. 

You’ve deployed multiple software applications. Each one works to simplify workflows — but they’re not necessarily designed to work together. You have to figure out how to integrate them, so the right solution is used to move the right information at the right time. Every time.

You can try to do it yourself — or you can leave it to the experts.

Application Administrator Services is your single source for all of the software applications in our portfolio. It’s one easy point of contact to help you:

  • Eliminate the learning curve for multiple applications.
  • Avoid redundancies from overlapping solutions.
  • Resolve your most complex workflow challenges to keep information moving.

We know where to look and what to do. Our dedicated experts can integrate disparate applications into cohesive and comprehensive information-sharing workflows. We’re fast, responsive and reliable, and we can ensure that your software works exactly as promised.

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Get help now — and later 

Make sure you always have the most up-to-date resources. 

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You added software to fix a workflow problem, but your job doesn’t stop there. If you don’t know how to continuously manage and maximize its capabilities, what’s the point?

As a part of Application Administrator Services, we:

  • Meet with your key IT staff and stakeholders regularly to discuss expectations and new configurations, and identify potential issues.
  • Capture information from your software applications continuously and transform it into actionable data.
  • Monitor performance and track service tickets to help you avoid workflow interruptions.
  • Update your applications so you can always work with the latest and greatest technology.

Partner with the proven experts 

Rely on our experience and expertise to support your technological goals. 

You make better decisions when you have better information. We built our legacy by introducing new technologies and managing them so you can access critical data at the most opportune moments. With our impressive, unparalleled history of hardware expertise as our foundation, we’ve seamlessly transitioned into fast, knowledgeable software applications support across enterprises and industries. Find out what we can do for you.

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*Source: http://www.gfi.com/blog/survey-shows-a-rise-in-it-admin-stress-for-second-year-running-infographic/