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Print and Mail Continuity

Protect your print and mail operations

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Avoid business slowdowns or stoppages following a disaster and carry on with printing, emailing, faxing, mailing and e-presentment. Our Print and Mail Continuity solution includes professional services, plan development, software if needed — and fully equipped, secured facilities.

Enable print and mail continuity 

Fail over based on your recovery time objective (RTO) and service-level agreement (SLA).

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Does your business continuity plan cover production print and mail operations? Many do not. And when you can’t distribute information, including critical communications like checks, statements and invoices, your business transactions slow or stop. Just one missed deadline can be costly.

Our Print and Mail Continuity solution backs you up with facilities to which you can fail over, should an outage occur. You can resume business as usual quickly based on the RTO and SLA that are customized for you. Through a web-based dashboard, you can monitor and manage your jobs, choose from multiple delivery methods and run detailed reports from anywhere.

Transfer data to our facilities using RICOH ProcessDirector or another workflow software.

Secure your data at all times

Plan a successful recovery 

Include roles, responsibilities and all the right technical details to create your continuity blueprint.

Business continuity is all about the details. Our plans cover the data and documents that are printed, emailed, mailed, faxed and presented online, along with the “who, what, when, where and how” so everyone is on the same page.

We’ll detail your applications, systems and network; provide training; and conduct periodic testing in a simulated environment. This testing builds confidence that the plan can be implemented in an emergency, and it also shows managers and workers how the plan should be executed.

After your plan is activated, you receive support via the web and customer service representatives who are assigned to your account.  Our facilities offer hotsite options and 99.7 percent uptime.

Secure your data at all times

Maintain regulatory compliance and control information lifecycles. 

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Security is paramount, especially with sensitive customer information at stake. That's why our solution is designed with multiple security features, including constant data encryption. And our facilities comply with ISO 9001:2008, ISO 27001, SSAE Audit, HIPAA, PCI and other regulations. In addition:

  • Security rules travel with the data.
  • You maintain 100 percent ownership of the data.
  • You control data lifecycles, including expiration dates and data shredding.
  • Email notifications inform you of actions taken or remind you of actions to be taken.
  • Detailed audit reports document file access and provide forensics.
  • Document barcodes enable postal discounts, mail tracking and 100 percent accuracy.

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