SAVIN PJ X2340 Entry Level Projector
SAVIN PJ X2340 Entry Level Projector
SAVIN PJ X2340 Entry Level Projector
SAVIN PJ X2340 Entry Level Projector

PJ X2340

Entry Level Projector

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Put big ideas in front of key decision-makers

You work hard to find the right message. Now, you have to find the right audience for it. Use the portable PJ X2340 to put your ideas on the big screen in almost any small or midsize room at any time. Simply carry the non-networked projector with you and start presenting in moments — without IT support.

Have every detail stand out

Help your audience focus on the details. Take advantage of Digital Light Processing (DLP) technology and 3,000 lumens to produce bright, clear images with XGA resolution up to 1024 x 768 dpi. See the sharp contrast between more than one billion colors via a 2,200:1 contrast ratio. You can even add 3D tools to bring CAD drawings, movies and more to life.

Make a big impact for a small investment

You have the information, but not the budget. That’s no problem with the affordable PJ X2340. You can project high-quality images, spreadsheets, movies and more from 30 inches to 300 inches wide diagonally, quickly and economically.

Bring the action closer

Don’t let anything stand in the way as you share critical information. Place the compact PJ X2340 only a few feet from the projection surface and present with confidence knowing your audience won’t miss a thing. You can even approach the screen to point out important details without blocking the projection or casting a shadow over your presentation.

Choose how you want to connect

Tailor your presentation to your audience and present it in the format they prefer. Take advantage of multiple input terminals, including an HDMI port, to plug in desktop computers, laptops, tablets, DVDs, Blu-Ray players and more. Use the lever on the top of the projector to re-focus images. Grab the convenient remote control to make other adjustments, including zoom in/out, freeze and A/V mute.

Get more for your money

Enjoy everything you need for a price that fits every budget. With the built-in speaker, you can play high-volume audio along with video from a single connection. Or, you can add external speakers to dial up the volume to match the on-screen action. For those quieter moments, choose Eco Mode and run the projector with noise levels at 31 dB. It also lets you extend lamp life to 6,000 hours by adjusting color levels on darker images, without compromising quality — or your budget.

Projector Specifications


5.2 lbs. (2.4 kg)


AV Mute (Blank), Freeze, Re-size (Magnify), Keystone (Manual Only), Password Protection, Wall Color Mode, Kensington Lock, Eco Mode, 3D Projection Ready

Power Supply

100/240V; 50 - 60Hz

Projection System

Single Chip Digital Light Processing (DLP)

Operating Environment

Temperature -4°F ~ 140°F; Humidity: 20 ~ 80%

Connection Terminals

Input Signals: NTSC, PAL, SECAM, PAL-M, PAL-60, NTSC 4.43, 60Hz, 50Hz
Image Input: Mini D-SUB 15 pin x 1, HDMI x 1
Image Output: Mini D-SUB 15 pin x 1 S-Video N/A
Video Input: RCA x 1
Audio Input 1: 3.5 mm diameter mini jack
Audio Input 2: N/A
Audio Output: 3.5 mm diameter mini jack HDMI: HDMI (Type A) x 1
Microphone Input: N/A
Wired LAN: N/A
Wireless LAN: N/A
PC Control: N/A
Other Ports: RS-232C 3 pin x 1 (Service Only)

White Light Output Brightness

3,000 lm

Lamp Life

Standard Mode: 4,500 hours
Eco Mode: 6,000 hours

Power Consumption

Standard Mode: 248W (Typ.) 266W (Max); Eco Mode: 210W; Standby Mode: 0.5W

Contrast Ratio


Projection Lens

Lens: Built-in
Keystone: Manual: Vertical Only
Shift/Method: N/A
Zoom Ratio: 1:1
Zoom/Focus: Manual/Manual

Lamp Type

High-Pressure Mercury

Advanced Network Utility


Projector Management Utility


Projection Modes

Standard, Rear, Ceiling, Rear Ceiling

Dimensions W x D x H

11.26" x 3.94" x 8.19" (286 x 100 x 208 mm)

Aspect Ratio


What's In the Box

CD-ROM with user manual, Quick start guide, RGB cable, Power cord, Warranty sheet and registration (US only), Remote control and batteries, Lens cover


XGA - 1024 x 768 dpi

Video Compatible Signal

NTSC, PAL, SECAM, PAL-M, PAL-60, NTSC 4.43, 60Hz, 50Hz

Fan Noise

Standard Mode: 36 dB or less
Eco Mode: 31 dB or less

Screen Size

30" - 300"

JPEG Conversion Tool


Liquid Crystal Panel Size


Projection Ratio

1.95 - 2.15

Projection Distance

47.24" - 515.75" (1.2 – 13.1 meters)


Maintenance & Parts


Warranty Registration

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