Prevent disruptions to your power source

Power your equipment confidently with an ESP Digital QC Power Filter. Its robust surge suppression helps prevent damage to your equipment from spikes and surges, while it also minimizes noise - including common-mode noise. This protection helps prevent equipment disruptions in multifunction printers (MFPs), printers, networked equipment and more - an ideal solution for any device in which electrical damage or disruption is a threat.

Get superior-level protection

There's no need to settle for a standard surge protector. The ESP Digital QC Power Filter provides critical surge protection, and works double-time to filter electrical noise. The combined benefits include reduced downtime, improved reliability and an added layer of protection against data corruption.

Take advantage of additional filter features

The Fax/Modem DSL Filter prevents unwanted crossover and reduces radio signals (RFI), which can be picked up by unbalanced telephone systems. Plus, the Cat5e ETL Verified Network Surge Protection helps ensure trouble-free network connections and maximum signal integrity. Additionally, the filter is UL listed, FCC registered, Industry Canada certified and Cat5e ETL Verified to guarantee compatibility.

Need More Information?

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