Cloud Connected Education Solution

Share and manage information easily


95% of undergraduates own a smartphone and 57% own a tablet.*

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Improve the educational experience for everyone involved. Our Cloud Connected Education solution helps students and teachers access, share, collaborate, store information and improve productivity. It includes cloud-enabled multifunction printers (MFPs), and Cloud Education Package software that lets you directly connect to popular cloud applications. We can also provide consulting and professional services to support the overall solution. 

Embrace digital tools 

Meet students where they study and complete assignments. 


Your students live in a digital world. Help them stay organized and productive with tools that keep documents at their fingertips. With our Cloud Connected Education solution, students can mobilize their information in the cloud — just as easy as touching an icon and logging in with credentials:

  • Store digital copies of documents.
  • Access documents from any device.
  • Share documents with other students and teachers.
  • Submit assignments in Blackboard Learn™, Canvas learning management system or other cloud applications.

Save valuable time

Enable direct scanning into Blackboard Learn, Canvas or other cloud storage services.

Let’s say a student is required to add some information like a handwritten math equation into an LMS course assignment, or share notes with others from a class discussion via Google Drive. Or a faculty member has hard copy information that also needs to be included with a course. The task most likely involves scanning, emailing, downloading and uploading — all time that's better spent interacting with others.
Instead, make it a one-step task. Teachers and students can use our cloud-enabled Multifunction Printers for Education to:

  • Scan paper documents directly into Blackboard Learn, Canvas, Google Drive and other cloud applications.
  • Print documents from within Blackboard Learn or print via email to any cloud-enabled device — no wires or print drives required. Users receive a code that they enter into a device to release documents.
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Lighten IT’s load 

Protect your investments while you reduce downtime and costs. 

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In technology-rich environments, IT staff and admins usually have their hands full. Why add even more to their plates? In fact, our solution lifts some of their burden, and at the same time reinforces your vision of responsible information management.


  • Manage paper supplies and related costs. Locked paper trays prevent unauthorized access and protect your investment.
  • Eliminate unnecessary device downtime and maintenance costs caused by the use of incompatible paper. A bypass tray sticker blocks the bypass tray and warns that use is prohibited.
  • Prevent tampering with authorization controls. ID card readers and/or keyboards are secured with a fixed mounting bracket. And cables are hidden so they can’t be removed, cut or damaged.

Track MFP users and usage 

Gather the data you need to charge back costs.

With MFPs located throughout a campus in libraries, labs, administrative offices and so on, it’s important to keep tabs on “who, what, when, where and how much.” Ask us to add optional tracking software to our MFPs to capture data about each authenticated user. With this information, you can:

  • Import student billing information automatically to save time.
  • Charge back costs to students, faculty members and departments.
  • Schedule report creation and have reports emailed directly to you.
  • Follow trends for continuous improvement purposes.

PaperCut™ is a compatible print management/accounting software solution for the Cloud Education Package.

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*Source: ECAR Study of Undergraduate Students and Information Technology, 2014 (EDUCAUSE)