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Managed Print Services Solution for Federal Government

Control printing and lower your costs


Protect your investment in printers, lower your operating costs and address security requirements with the Managed Print Services Solution for Federal Government. We'll assess your situation, advise you on business processes and workflows, right size your fleet, implement software and provide onsite support.

Know your true costs

Start with the facts ― an accurate view of your printer fleet.

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Printers often fly under the radar, so you don't know who's printing what, when and where. Without controls, you can't know your true cost of print, much less take steps to bring it down.

Managed Print Services provides the expertise, tools and people to help you manage your print environment cost effectively. We'll conduct an upfront assessment and determine your bottlenecks, redundancies and compliance risks by:

  • Applying tools to map your current output environment.
  • Identifying and assessing every device on your network.
  • Documenting the automated and manual steps, systems, resources and workflows used for your devices. 
Our government specialists work with the U.S. Department of Defense, U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs and other federal agencies. We understand your challenges and how to resolve them.

Take the right next steps 

Right size your fleet, workflows, business processes, print policies and print support.

Your IT staff's plate is probably overflowing with projects to support users, applications and agency initiatives. As a result, your printer fleet may not receive the attention it deserves — especially if you have an oversized, overworked or ill-fitting printer fleet.

Managed Print Services helps you eliminate this expensive scenario through:

  • Recommendations for streamlining your workflows and business processes.
  • Strategies for standardizing, consolidating and managing the entire fleet environment, bringing it down to a size and configuration that best meets your needs.
  • Formal print policies and guidelines covering how documents are printed, on what devices and with which settings — while adhering to security standards such as FISMA, FedRAMP or DIACAP.
  • Onsite experts whose responsibilities can be tailored to your needs, up to 24 x 7 x 365.
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Impose controls, get results 

Remove obstacles so workers and administrators can do their jobs efficiently.

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When you can't "see" devices, you can't see their effects on productivity, quality and cost. With the output management component of Managed Print Services, you can obtain actionable nitty-gritty details with tools like @Remote, PCS Director and AutoStore. You'll be able to:

  • Control multifunction printer (MFP) functions like copying, printing, emailing, faxing and scanning.
  • Implement print authentication via CAC/PIV from any device on the network, helping you minimize waste and unnecessary print jobs.
  • Automate key management and reporting tasks, including end user-level print metrics for departmental chargebacks.
  • Analyze data over time to support continuous improvement and printer fleet decisions.

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